Gold Ornamented Pomegranate Earrings

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Pomegranate earrings in matte pure silver.
Pomegranate earrings in matte pure silver.
Sensuous and sculptural, with strong metaphorical allusions.

These pomegranate earrings are 3-dimensional hollow forms; constructed -- raised, soldered and surface finished -- in fine silver.

A symbol of fertility, the pomegranate bead was widely used in the jewellery of Cyprus in antiquity, particularly during the late Bronze Age 1600 - 1050 B.C.

This evocative handmade pair of pure silver pomegranate earrings has been fashioned with pomegranate beads on a silver hook. Throughout antiquity to the modern days, pomegranates have long been recognised for their exotic, wholesome beauty and serve as powerful symbols of potent fertility, ambundance, great fortune and glorious rebirth.

Material Used: Fine silver (999),sterling silver (925), 24k gold plating by order. Available in stock: Dimensions: 0.8 in. X 0.4 in. (20 mm. X 9.5 mm.)

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